The Hub is brought to you by the Social Wellbeing Agency

The Social Wellbeing Agency supports the sector’s capability to utilise social sector insights by creating tools and practices that stimulate social sector innovation.

We are a small government agency that works across the social system. We take a broad view, looking at issues that New Zealanders face which do not fit neatly into the work of a single agency. We are specialised, nimble and innovative. This allows us to get actionable insights to decision makers, and ensure that real people – whānau and communities – are involved in and benefit from the work we do. Visit the Social Wellbeing Agency website.

What we’re working for

Ultimately, we want our work to achieve sustainable improvements in the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

What we do

We use a broad and inclusive set of wellbeing measures that tell us whether people are leading full, meaningful lives. We create tools and practices to target gaps in the social sector’s knowledge. We partner with the social sector, combining science, data and lived experience to draw insights that are enriched by whānau voices. Learn more.