2015 Survey of Stakeholders in Gambling Regulation

2015 Survey of Stakeholders in Gambling Regulation…
01 Jan 2015
2015 Survey of Stakeholders in Gambling Regulation…
01 Jan 2015

Our annual survey of stakeholders in the gambling sector was carried out in July 2015. We aimed to capture a wider range of perspectives than in previous surveys by including some additional individuals and stakeholder groups. A good response rate was achieved (50%).


The Department of Internal Affairs is responsible for the regulation of gambling in New Zealand so that it is safe, fair, legal and honest views on their experience of engaging and communicating with us in relation to gambling compliance. Stakeholders in gambling regulation comprise a diverse range of organisations and individuals. As a responsible regulator, Internal Affairs is interested in understanding stakeholder

An annual gambling stakeholder survey has been conducted by the Department since 2009. Over this time the main purpose of the survey has consistently been to measure stakeholder perception of, and satisfaction with our professional performance as a regulator. We also want to understand how our approach to regulation is perceived by stakeholders. If our approach is understood, we like to know the extent of that understanding.

Key Results

Survey Results – contacting Regulatory Services

The majority of survey respondents have contacted the Department of Internal Affairs over the past twelve months (79%).

Email is the preferred method of contact for most respondents. Licensing applications, followed by general information enquiries are the two most popular reasons for contacting us.

Survey Results – professional performance

Most ratings for our professional performance were high. When stakeholders contact us, they generally find information easy to obtain, of a good quality and receive a timely response.

Ratings for quality of information we provide were particularly positive. Almost three quarters of respondents rated quality as good or very good (73%).

The weakest of the three areas was speed of response, with a relatively high number of neutral ratings (30%) as well as ratings that indicate a slow or very slow experience (15%).

Survey Results – providing information to the sector

We invited respondents to provide ratings of four different methods we use to provide information to the sector.

Gambits newsletter is received by more than 90 per cent of respondents. Ratings for usefulness of information were high (88%), as were those for satisfaction with its frequency (72%).

The Department’s s website had been used by almost all survey respondents (97%). Again, ratings for usefulness were high (78%) but comments indicate that some information could be easier to find.

Sector Forums and face to face meetings are valued by those who have been involved. However, fewer survey respondents had been involved in these types of engagement. (40% and 29% of respondents respectively indicated that they have not used these).

Survey Results – approach to regulation

We asked respondents about our approach in key areas for us as a regulator; protecting gamblers and communities from gambling harm, having constructive working relationships with the sector and maximising gambling returns to the community.

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