A Time For Change in Māori Economic Development

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01 Sep 2007
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01 Dec 2006

A discussion document prepared by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) on the future of Māori economic development.

This report is designed to stimulate discussion and debate around the future of Mäori economic development. Two streams of research, summarised below, provide much of the motivation and underpinning for this report. Other work too, is important. In particular, the work emanating from the Hui Taumata, as well as research offerings supported by the New Zealand Business Roundtable provide useful perspectives. The time is right to consider what the key messages that flow from this body of research may be and what they might indicate.

Moreover, nascent development themes need to be identified and articulated. Given the relative paucity of useful data, much of the material that follows is conjectural. As a consequence, some of the discussion might be considered somewhat provocative. This is neither deliberate nor particularly worrisome. Rather, such perceptions are a consequence of openly articulating concepts and themes that may otherwise lie dormant. This is important when viewed in the context of an environment where it is no longer expected or accepted for Māori to be on the sidelines of economic development discussions. Māori are now not only participating in such deliberations, but are often setting agendas and leading discussions.




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