Affordable Housing: The Community Housing Sector in New Zealand

Affordable Housing The Community Housing Sector in…
01 Oct 2007
CHRANZ Research Bulletin: Affordable Housing The C…
01 Sep 2007

This research assesses the current and potential contribution of the community housing sector towards addressing housing affordability problems being experienced in New Zealand. 


The aims of this project were to assess the current size, value and impact of the community housing sector in New Zealand, and to provide solutions based recommendations for the sector making an effective contribution towards improved housing affordability outcomes across the country.


The research involved:

• desk top research and selected interviews with officials regarding the history of the community housing sector in New Zealand;

• a postal survey of known providers to shed light on the housing outcomes delivered by the sector;

• a series of regional workshops to engage directly with a cross section of community housing providers and their representative bodies regarding the strategic issues facing the sector; and

• a synthesis of the foregoing research outputs into an analysis of what needs to happen if the community housing sector is to optimise its potential contribution to improved affordability outcomes in New Zealand.

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