'Ageing in Place': The Views of Older Homeowners about Housing Maintenance, Renovation and Adaptation

“Ageing in Place" - The Views of older homeowners …
01 Jul 2006

This report presents the findings of research into the ability of older homeowners to continue living in their own homes. The research showed the significance of home ownership in the lives of older New Zealanders and the resourcefulness of the respondents who had thought ahead to their future housing needs. The research found that remaining at home may depend on the ability of older homeowners to keep their homes in good condition, safe, suitable and comfortable.


The aim of this study was to explore housing issues with older homeowners from their own perspectives, especially issues related to quality and suitability rather than location, including:

  • current suitability of housing
  • likely future suitability of housing
  • maintenance (defined as regular work needed to maintain housing quality, e.g. clearing gutters, cleaning exteriors)
  • renovation (defined as work to renew the housing fabric and services or to extend accommodation, which is not usually required on a regular basis, e.g. major repainting, rewiring, adding rooms)
  • adaptation (defined as changes to housing required as a result of disability or frailty affecting the residents, e.g. installing ramps, safety rails, special bathroom fixtures)
  • the perceived influence of housing quality (including all of the above) on the ability to age in place.
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