ALAC's Youth Drinking Monitor 2001

ALAC's Youth Drinking Monitor 2001 (pdf)
01 Aug 2001

Fourth annual survey measuring the changes in youth attitudes and behaviour towards risky drinking.

This report presents the results of the ALAC Youth Drinking Monitor for 2001. Interviewing for this survey took place between 26 March and 22 April, 2001. A total sample of 362 Youth aged between 13 and 18 were interviewed. This monitor is the fourth survey in a series commenced in 1997 to evaluate and give direction to ALAC’s drinking campaign for Youth.

This monitor is the second survey conducted after the legal drinking age was lowered to 18 on 1 December 1999. Despite the law change, the survey included 18-year-old teenagers in the sample to make possible comparisons with previous surveys.

Also included in the sample for the first time is a sample of 13-year-old teenagers. The decision to include these young people was made in order to investigate the prevalence and frequency of risky drinking amongst this age group. Note, however, that the number of 13-year-olds interviewed was small and that the results are therefore only indicative.

The analysis of the results for this survey has been mainly based on 1417 year olds. To make direct comparisons possible, the results for the 2000 survey were re-analysed by the same age group.

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