At the Heart: Families at the centre, communities leading

At the Heart: Families at the centre, communities ...
01 Jan 2010

Video based resources to help you think about your work with families and communities.

In July 2011 over 250 people gathered in Nelson to share their experiences and learn more about family centred community led development. Over three days (and evenings) people talked, listened, debated, reflected and dreamed about their work – families and communities – and how to support and sustain this effort.

During the course of this forum we filmed a number of participants and recorded a number of the plenary sessions. We have now added a little ‘extra’ to this material and turned it into a set of resources that capture some of what we talked about.

There are four modules which can be used either on a ‘stand - alone’ basis or as part of a longer workshop or development process. These are:

Module 1: At the Heart - an overview of family centred, community-led development
Module 2: Strategies for Success
Module 3: Thinking tips and tools

  • Working with complexity
  • Action Reflection
  • Understanding needs
  • Victory Community Health Centre: being the first stop
  • Victory Village: key learnings from our story

Module 4: Victory Village: our story, the door is always open

The video material is supported by a written User Guide that offers some powerful questions that you might like to consider, and references to some additional resource material that will help fill in the gaps and provoke yet more conversations.

The video and guide are only available here. They are no longer available on DVD.

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