Attitudes Towards Good Taste and Decency in Broadcasting among Pacific Peoples

Attitudes Towards Good Taste and Decency in Broadc…
01 Jan 2001

This report presents the findings of a national survey of Pacific peoples on their attitudes towards good taste and decency in broadcasting.


  • Conducted between January and February 2001 with a margin of error of ±5.6%
  • Questionnaire contained the same questions used in a national survey of the general population conducted in 2999
  • Face-to-face interview in 310 Māori and 310 Pacific peoples’ homes

Key Results

  • High levels of unacceptability to almost all of the 22 words which were put to the respondents
  • ‘Fuck’ was most found unacceptable by the Pacific peoples interviewed, followed by ‘motherfucker’, ‘cock’, ‘cunt’ and ‘arsehole’
  • The unacceptable levels are higher than those found in the general population questioned on the same matters in 1999
  • Others found unacceptable were: ‘nigger’, ‘bitch’, ‘dick’, wanker, ‘bullshit’, ‘bastard’, ‘whore’, ‘shit’, and ‘balls’
  • Pacific men are relatively more accepting of the use of expletives in broadcasting than Pacific women – the gender differences are not as pronounced as compared to those found in the general population
  • Most broadcast scenarios involving the portrayal of sex and nudity were seen as unacceptable by Pacific peoples
  • The levels of unacceptability vary significantly with those found in the 1999 survey of the general population
  • Gratuitous sex scenes screening before the 8:30pm ‘watershed’ were found unacceptable by Pacific peoples interviewed
  • Homosexual sex screened after the watershed was judged unacceptable by 80.6% of Pacific peoples
  • Age was clearly a factor but not as pronounced as the differences experienced in the general population
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