Clandestine Drug Laboratory Report - 2006

Clandestine Drug Laboratory Report - 2006 (pdf)
01 Apr 2007

This report provides an overview of information related to the dismantling of clan labs by New Zealand Police during the 2006 calendar year. 
'Official' clan lab recording began in 1996. A single clan lab was dismantled in that year. Since then, clan lab numbers have increased significantly with around 200 labs being located each year since 2003.
February 2006 saw the detection of New Zealand's 1000th clan lab. Perhaps indicative of the overall clan lab situation, this lab was located in a vehicle during a routine traffic stop and while most equipment, materials and substances were present it was relatively small and clearly quite mobile.
A total of 211 clan labs were dismantled by New Zealand Police in 2006, predominantly aimed at the manufacture of methamphetamine. This represents a 3.43% increase over 2005 and is also the highest number of labs detected in any calendar year.

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