Community in Mind: What is needed for effective psychosocial recovery of individuals and communities in greater Christchurch?

Community in Mind: What is needed for effective ps…
01 Jan 2013

In 2013, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority began research for the purpose of developing this Background Document to inform the Greater Christchurch Psychosocial Recovery Strategy. This report, Community in Mind: Greater Christchurch Psychosocial Recovery Background Document, identifies what individuals and communities in greater Christchurch need for effective psychosocial recovery, as a guide to organisations (both government and non-government) and community groups in their planning, coordinating, funding and delivery of psychosocial recovery activities in greater Christchurch.

The research involved a qualitative approach. First, semi-structured focus groups were conducted with a range of participants and their feedback was examined with inductive thematic analysis to identify key priorities in effective psychosocial recovery. Semi-structured interviews were then conducted with key informants experienced in psychosocial research and/or recovery. Key informant responses were analysed using a confirmatory qualitative approach, which validated the hypotheses from the focus groups. A literature review was also undertaken using a confirmatory qualitative approach and included peer-reviewed, published information as well as grey (informally published) literature.

Community in Mind  fits within the wider recovery work guided by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority’s (2012b) Recovery Strategy for Greater Christchurch: Mahere Haumanutanga o Waitaha.

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