Community Renewal Programme: Evaluation 2006 / 2007

Community Renewal Programme: Evaluation 2006 / 200…
01 May 2007

The Community Renewal programme aims to improve the economic, social and physical environment in selected areas. The programme evaluation covered the six areas: Northcote, Talbot Park, Clendon, Fordlands, East Porirua and Aranui.

The programme evaluation involved an outcomes evaluation of Community Renewal that was undertaken during 2005-2006.The evaluation found that Community Renewal was moving towards achieving all agreed outcomes, and was demonstrating examples of best practice in 'community-led solutions, participation and ownership', 'youth development' and 'encouragement of employment growth'. The programme evaluation also involved a future directions study for Community Renewal that was undertaken in 2006-2007.

The programme evaluation identified specific elements that could be improved to increase Community Renewal's effectiveness. For example, the evaluators made a recommendation to explicitly identify strategies and activities to address the needs of young people in community development plans. The evaluators also emphasised the need for evidence to indicate when a project is ready to transition back to Housing New Zealand's business-as-usual activities.



The aim of the Community Renewal programme evaluation was to assess the extent to which agreed outcomes were being achieved. Specifically the evaluation identified and critically reviewed:

  • what can be learned about achieving agreed Community Renewal outcomes effectively
  • any barriers to, or limitations on achieving expected and unexpected Community Renewal outcomes.
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