Cultivating the Knowledge Economy in New Zealand

Cultivating the Knowledge Economy in New Zealand (…
01 Dec 2000

This qualitative research was designed to define knowledge-based organisations including any perceived skill shortages they may face and any specific attributes that they look for in people when recruiting overseas. In addition, the research also examined the respondents’ perceptions and experiences of immigration policy and service in facilitating the filling of skill shortages.


Twenty-one qualitative interviews were undertaken with key informants from a range of organisations in industries that were identified as knowledge-based. Sources used to define knowledge-based industries were the Ministry of Economic Development website; New Zealand Immigration Service staff; and participants in the SmartNet workshop on the knowledge economy.
Participants were eligible for participation in the research on the basis that:

  • they perceived their organisation to be knowledge-based
  • the organisation has experienced skill shortages within the last 12 months.
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