Evaluation of the Home Ownership Education Programme

Evaluation of the Home Ownership Education Program…
01 Jun 2007

This report presents the findings of the evaluation of Housing New Zealand Corporation’s (Housing New Zealand) Home Ownership Education Programme (HOEP).


The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness of HOEP in helping first home buyers to access home ownership, and to better understand the barriers for low to middle income households to accessing home ownership.

The evaluation objectives were to:

  •  identify the needs of the target group (and sub groups) in respect of home ownership education
  •  investigate what aspects of the design and delivery of the HOEP courses work well, do not work well, and why
  •  identify what difference participation in a HOEP course makes for participants
  •  assess the impact of the programme in improving the sustainability of home ownership
  •  identify any unintended effects of the programme
  •  identify barriers for the target group (and sub groups) to accessing (including progress toward accessing) and sustaining home ownership that could be addressed by Housing New Zealand.


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