Evaluation of the Teacher-Led Innovation Fund: Final Report

Evaluation of the Teacher-Led Innovation Fund: Fin…
01 Apr 2018

The Teacher-led Innovation Fund (TLIF) is a Ministry of Education initiative designed to support quality practice that improves student achievement and that can be shared and adapted for use across schools and Kahui ako. This formative evaluation uses qualitative and quantitative methods to ask:

1. What does an effective TLIF project look like? How can success be described?

2. To what extent are TLIF projects achieving early outcomes, that is, developing sector capability and capacity for collaborative inquiry?

3. To what extent is new knowledge about effective teaching, particularly for target groups, being mobilised from TLIF projects?

4. What factors (barriers, enablers, others) contribute to successful and less successful outcomes for TLIF projects?

5. To what extent is TLIF making a difference for learners?



The purpose of this evaluation was to provide timely and relevant information to:

  • Inform continuous improvement of TLIF’s design, implementation and monitoring;
  • Complement monitoring and review information sources to provide information about how the fund is operating;
  • Expand the knowledge base about the nature of innovative teaching practice, collaborative inquiry, and mobilisation of new knowledge
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