Every Māori Counts

Every Māori Counts (pdf)
01 Nov 2012

Why do Māori leave New Zealand and move to another country to live? Which countries do they settle in and why? How are they faring in their new home? Do they maintain connections with New Zealand and will they ever return? These are some of the questions looked at in an online survey of Māori and non-Māori New Zealanders living overseas.

Key Results

• More than half of Māori overseas in the Kea New Zealand survey lived in Australia.

• Better economic prospects was the key reason that one third of Māori chose to live overseas.

• One third of Māori overseas earn $100,000 or more. Nearly one half of Māori have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

• Almost all Māori overseas were still New Zealand citizens and more than three quarters of children of Māori were New Zealand citizens.

• One third of Māori overseas were unsure whether they will return to New Zealand to live.

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