Evidence to Action conference

Superu’s annual conference, Evidence to Action, was held on 30 July 2015, 15 April 2016 and 19 June 2017.  The aim of the event was to share knowledge and experience of how to achieve positive outcomes from the uptake and application of evidence gained from research and evaluation.

2017 E2A Conference | What works: when evidence becomes action

Speakers Presentation Video

Dr. Sarah Morton, Director of What Works Scotland

PowerPoint presentation (pptx.) Video Footage
Karen Field, Chief Executive Officer of drummond street services, Stepfamilies Australia, Queerspace and the Centre for Research and Evaluation   Video Footage
Dr. Monique Faleafa, Chief Executive of Le Va, a national NGO focused on Pacific people’s wellbeing   Video Footage
Prof. Stuart McNaughton, Chief Education Scientific Advisor and Professor of Education and Director of the Woolf Fisher Research Centre at the University of Auckland   Video Footage
Eru Lyndon, Regional Commissioner for Social Development, Northland, at the Ministry of Social Development   Video Footage
Panel discussion   Video Footage
Visual summary of interactive sessions PDF (137kB)  


2016 E2A Conference | Evidence: it's how you use it that matters

Speakers Presentation Video
Hon Jo Goodhew, Associate Minister for Social Development  

Video  Footage     

Clare Ward, Chief Executive, Superu Prezi presentation               
Ron Haskins, Co-Director of the Center on Children and Families at Brookings Institute (USA) PowerPoint presentation (pptx.) Video Footage
Parekawhia McLean, Chief Executive of Waikato-Tainui (NZ)    Video Footage
Professor Kristy Muir, Research Director for the Centre for Social Impact at the University of New South Wales (Australia) PowerPoint presentation (pptx.) Video Footage
Laura Black, Director, Methodist Mission (NZ) Q&A Laura Black (docx.) Video Footage
Stream A:  What to do About the Dorian Gray Portrait in the Attic: Carpe Datum PowerPoint presentation (pptx.)  
Stream B:  From Acorn to Oak:  Using evidence on family violence to develop a University prevention and response system PowerPoint presentation (pptx.)  
Stream C:  Data is More than a Four Letter Word – From Theory to Practice: Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) PowerPoint presentation (PDF.)  

On the Couch with Colin Lynch

Ron Haskins, Parekawhia McLean, Kristy Muir and Fiona Ross

  Video Footage

Closing reflections

Len Cook, Families Commissioner, Superu

  Video Footage

2015 E2A Conference | How do you know you're making a difference on the ground?

Speakers Presentation Video
Hon Jo Goodhew, Associate Minister for Social Development   Video Footage
Clare Ward, Chief Executive, Superu   Video Footage
Louise Morpeth, Dartington Social Research Unit   Video Footage
Using Evidence to Address Inequities PowerPoint presentation (pptx.)  
Using recidivism data to measure rehabilitation impact PowerPoint presentation (pptx.)  
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Make it Happen Te Hiku PowerPoint presentation (pptx.) Video Footage
Julie Moore, Research and Evaluation Manager, Foundation for Youth Development

PowerPoint presentation (pptx.)

Video Footage
Georgia Knowles, Programme Developer, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) PowerPoint presentation (pptx.) Video Footage
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