Family-centred Communities: The Role of Local Government

Family-centred communities - The role of local gov…
01 Oct 2012

In 2009 the Families Commission and Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) recognised the key role local government has in influencing and enhancing outcomes for families’ wellbeing in their communities. While acknowledging the challenges councils face in bringing life to community outcomes and expectations, we also saw a great opportunity to explore ways of putting families at the very centre of this work.

A number of councils were invited to form a peer learning cluster. Each council selected an initiative from their own work programme which incorporated an action research approach.

This resource presents some of what we learnt during this exploration. It provides insights to inform a wide range of activities, services and supports within local government.

We hope that this resource will provoke and support councils as well as other community leaders and ‘changemakers’ to explore different ways of working. Ways that put families at the centre and that recognise that what is good for families is generally good for the neighbourhoods they live in and their communities.

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