Finding and keeping volunteers: What the research tells us

Finding and keeping volunteers: What the research …
01 Jan 2005

During 2006 SPARC contracted Gravitas Research and Strategy Ltd to conduct social marketing, qualitative research to provide greater understanding of what motivates people to volunteer in sport and recreation and identify factors that prevent them from volunteering. Understanding volunteering from the perspective of those who volunteer was the central theme of the study. Nine motivational segments, or mindsets, were identified and recruitment, management and retention responses developed based on these motivations. The report also considers issues including the image problems of volunteering, the need for more structure in volunteering and the values/drives for volunteering. It provides recommended actions.


The purpose of this document is to provide information, from research, that supports and encourages sport and recreation organisations to develop better volunteer management practices in order to provide quality volunteering experiences and ultimately encourage more New Zealanders to step forward and volunteer.

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