For Māori Future Makers

Ngā Kaihanga Hou - For Māori Future Makers (pdf)
01 Oct 2007
Historical Influences Māori and the Economy (pdf)
01 Sep 2007
The Māori Commercial Assest Base (pdf)
01 Jun 2007
Māori Participation in the New Zealand Economy (pd…
20 Apr 2007
Quality of Life Indicators for Māori: A Discussion…
01 May 2007

We need to understand what the future will bring so Māori can make good decisions today. This report aims to share ideas and stimulate debate in the predicted context of an innovation economy, redistribution of world economic power, and climate change.


The purpose of this report is to:

• Create an informed understanding of the possible future drivers of influence affecting how Māori participate in both the future New Zealand and global economic systems

• Focus attention on the decisions that need to be made today to ensure active participation and shareholding of Māori in future economic systems

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