Future Workforce Development Needs

Future Development Needs: A brief overview of what...
01 Nov 2010

This report provides an overview of workforce development requirements in the next five to 10 years within the context of changing modes of service delivery, including the growing role of primary care in the whole spectrum of community, secondary and specialist mental health and addiction services.


The method used for this project has two components:

Document review

A review of key documents that set the scene for this project.


A small survey of people from the mental health and addiction workforce centres, training organisations, Ministry of Health, District Health Board (DHB) Planning and Funding, Platform, non-government organisations (NGOs), primary and mental health clinicians, and service users and families was undertaken. The survey was completed using three methods:

  • 14 face-to-face or phone interviews
  • four written responses
  • one focus group with the Waikato Local Advisory Group, with 10 participants.

In total 32 people participated in the survey. 

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