Guidance and Protection: What New Zealanders want from the classification system for films and games

Guidance and Protection: What New Zealanders want ...
01 Jul 2011

This qualitative study presents the views of 23 participants who told us their thoughts on the current classification system, how they use it in making decisions about films and games for themselves and young people, and what their ideal classification system would look like. The study expands qualitatively on the findings of a major survey: Understanding the Classification System - New Zealanders' Views, published in June 2011


In March 2011 four focus groups were held to explore the public’s expectations and views on New Zealand’s current classification system. The groups also explored participants’ thinking about what an ‘ideal’ classification system would look like.

The key demographics of the groups were:

  • Group 1: Parents of primary school-aged children
  • Group 2: People with no children
  • Group 3: Parents of secondary school-aged children
  • Group 4: Grandparents Participants in the groups had taken part in a quantitative survey run in the weeks prior.

They were also asked to complete a journal with information about their relationship with the classification system, which was used to help prepare for the focus group discussions. The survey and the journal ensured that participants had been thinking about the classification system to some degree before the focus groups were conducted, allowing for focused and relevant discussion to take place.

The groups were held at Colmar Brunton’s offices in Wellington and Auckland. There were 23 participants. For demographic information about the participants, please see Appendix 1

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