Kapasa | Pacific Policy Analysis Tool

Kapasa | Pacific Policy Analysis Tool (pdf)
01 Jun 2017
Kapasa | Framework (pdf)
01 Jan 2016

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ Pacific Policy Analysis Tool – Kapasa has been updated to add value to the public policy development process, and also includes updated data and case studies. It encourages a strengths-based approach to policy development that draws upon the strengths and values of Pacific families and communities.

Kapasa’ is the Tongan and Samoan translation for compass. Compass is called Kabasi in Fiji and Kamapasi in Niue. The Kapasa echoes how our Pacific ancestors successfully navigated their way across the Pacific Ocean. The Kapasa is used as a metaphor to represent policy navigation in a diverse society like New Zealand. Policy and services will be more effective if the views and values of the groups they affect are considered in the policy process. The Kapasa is a tool for policy managers, advisors and analysts within government agencies to incorporate the needs, values, aspirations and experiences of Pacific peoples in the generic policy development process.

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