Māori cultural revitalisation in social networking sites

Māori cultural revitalisation in social media (pdf…
01 Jul 2016

This kaupapa forms the basis of her paper Māori cultural revitalisation in social media sites where she discusses key concepts of cultural revitalisation that are being observed in socially mediated spaces.

This is the fifth in a series of papers Te Puni Kōkiri commissioned to contribute to the development of our work around Oranga Māoritanga – Cultural Vitality.


There are two overarching questions that guide this written piece:

1. What does (Māori) cultural revitalisation mean to you, what does it look like?

2. What is government’s role in revitalising (Māori) culture?

There are three distinct strategic areas that the project is focused on:

1. Māori identity: Māori having access to their language, marae, whenua, iwi

2. Māori culture: development, sustainability, mana, and cultural resilience

3. New Zealand identity: Māori culture is a valued and integral part of New Zealand culture.

This paper will attempt to provide perspectives for the two overarching questions as well as strategic areas 1 and 2 within the context of online social media as spaces for cultural revitalisation.

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