Māori Economy Report 2013

Māori Economy Report 2013 (pdf)
01 Apr 2015

This report presents an overview of the 2013 Māori economy from statistical information that was provided from a number of sources but primarily from the Census in 2013. This report further provides valuable information and findings about the economic landscape of the Māori Economy is the most current information available.


This report presents an overview of the 2013 Māori economy. It updates and expands on the previous report “The asset base, income, expenditure and GDP of the 2010 Māori economy” completed in 2011. The sources of data and methods of estimation remain essentially unchanged from that report; hence we refer the reader to that publication for such information.

Further, the reader is referred to the Glossary section of this report for explanations of te reo words and expressions and technical terms.

In contrast to the earlier report, the purpose of this report is to relate the story behind the numbers. The story, which has many dimensions, relates:

• the sector concentration of Māori enterprises

• the regional location of these enterprises

• the value added (or GDP) generated in those enterprise

• the value of assets held by these enterprises.

Further, we explore some of the changes in these indicators over the 2010 to 2013 period, as well as investigate the relative importance of Māori in total national economic activity.

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