Māori Housing Trends 2008

Māori Housing Trends 2008 (pdf)
12 Jun 2008

The purpose of the Māori Housing Trends Report 2008 is to provide an evidence base to inform the development of housing policy. The research provides an overview of Māori population dynamics, examines current Māori housing trends, and considers the implications of likely population change for future Māori housing needs. In June 2007, Māori are the Corporation's largest applicant group (8,981 total applicants) and the second largest occupant group (73,757 total occupants).

The housing analysis shows that the proportion of the Māori population living in crowded households is declining. Different indicators show a recent improvement in regard to housing assistance and affordability. However, Māori home ownership is declining and the proportion of Māori households who rent is increasing. The Corporation can anticipate that its Māori customer base will show ongoing demand for larger houses, and increase the demand for housing appropriate for single parent families, housing for Kauma-tua, and housing in rural areas.

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