Mechanisms for setting broadcasting funding levels in OECD countries (December 2005)

Mechanisms for Setting Broadcasting Funding Levels…
01 Dec 2005

In October 2005 the Ministry commissioned Unitec New Zealand to prepare a report on mechanisms for setting funding levels in OECD as part of the broadcasting 2005 Programme of Action work.

The report’s introductory section describes the research aims and objectives/delimitations of the project and the methodology used. A substantial section of the report examines public service broadcasting and funding arrangements in 30 OECD countries to provide a context for examining funding setting mechanisms. This is followed by analysis of mechanisms for setting and collecting/distributing public funding; an overview of key issues and common policy themes concerning funding mechanisms for public broadcasting in the OECD; and analysis of mechanisms for setting and collecting/distributing funding for public broadcasters.

The research includes an examination of all 30 OECD countries; providing an overview of the different broadcasting and funding arrangements currently in place in each country.

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