MPTT Evaluation Findings

MPTT Evaluation Findings (pdf)
01 Oct 2017

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT)  model. The evaluation focusses on the operation and outcomes of the 16 consortia operating in 2017.

The Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT) programme is delivered via an innovative consortia approach, which involves partnerships between tertiary education organisations (TEOs),local employers, and communities including Māori and Pasifika groups. The consortia aim to improve outcomes for Māori and Pasifika learners by developing new pathways to training and, ultimately, sustainable employment.




The evaluation methodology was refined in consultation with TEC and other government stakeholders, with the success criteria being developed during an initial planning phase.

We used mixed-methods to ensure the evaluation was informed by as wide a range of data and perspectives as possible. Methods included:

  •  review of the initiative’s policy, operational and funding documents
  •  review of administrative data
  •  interviews with government and external stakeholders
  •  visits to seven consortia
  •  a survey of consortia

               - 107 responses were received

               - responses were received from each consortium — ranging from 19 responses from one consortium to 2 responses from each of four consortia

               - the small number of responses from some consortia has limited the survey analysis

               - the only sub-group for which responses can be compared is for iwi-led consortia — 24 responses were received from iwi-led consortia; this is still a small number meaning that any conclusions from the survey relating to iwi-led consortia are indicative only

  •  workshops with government stakeholders.

Following initial planning the evaluation was conducted in two stages:

  •  development of a broad view

               - interviews with a range of government officials representing policy and operational perspectives, interviews with external stakeholders (providing an ITO, an iwi and an employer perspective

               - visits to two established consortia — one TEO led and one community led — to interview the contract holders, consortia members, and learners

               - an open survey sent by TEC’s relationship managers to each consortium for distribution to people involved in their consortium

               - update of administrative data analysis compiled by TEC

  •  development of a detailed view

               - feedback from an MPTT hui with consortia

               - visits to five consortia — three TEO led and one iwi led: interviews were held with a wide range of stakeholders depending on who the consortium brought together, including contract holders, consortium members, employers, tutors, TEO management and learners.

The evaluation findings were tested and refined in a workshop with TEC and the Ministry of Education.

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