New Zealand Arrestee Drug Use Monitoring report 2010

New Zealand Arrestee Drug Use Monitoring report 20…
01 Dec 2010

The aim of the New Zealand Arrestee Drug Use Monitoring (NZ‐ADUM) to measure the level of alcohol and drug use by police detainees and investigate the role alcohol and drug use plays in criminal offending.

NZADUM also monitors trends in drug use and drug markets; documents alcohol and drug related harm; measures the demand for alcohol and drug treatment among detainees; and seeks to identify underlying drivers of drug use and offending among detainees.


The principal purpose of this report is to present the descriptive data from the 2010 NZ‐ ADUM analysed by site location. Some bivariate analyses have been completed to look at initial associations between alcohol and drug use and offending behaviour, and between adolescent development and alcohol and drug use and offending behaviour. More sophisticated statistical modelling of these associations will be presented in future publications.


The 2010 NZ‐ADUM interviewed a total of 814 police detainees held for less than 48 hours at Whangarei, Auckland Central, Wellington Central and Christchurch Central police watch houses from April to July 2010. Two hundred of these detainees were tested for drug use via the collection of a urine sample. The interviews were conducted by SHORE/Whariki interviewers in a private room in the watch house. All the information provided by detainees is confidential and is only reported in aggregate.

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