New Zealand Screen Production Grant One-Year Review Report

New Zealand Screen Production Grant (pdf)
01 Apr 2015

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH) and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) have carried out an initial review of the New Zealand Screen Production Grant (NZSPG), introduced in April 2014.

The one-year review found that the NZSPG’s first year has been successful, and early indications are that the grant’s economic, industry development, and cultural objectives are being achieved.

Key Results

  • The screen industry has seen a significant increase in both international and New Zealand productions as a result of the NZSPG, and business confidence has improved, as demonstrated by feedback from regional film offices such as: "It has changed the level of business confidence – the mood of the crew is more optimistic regarding the longevity of the industry. This is a big turnaround in 18 months".
  • Both the New Zealand Grant and the International Grant (through the 5% uplift) have encouraged an increase in the inclusion of on-screen New Zealand content, such as lead characters and settings, as well as a confirmed commitment to the use of New Zealand creatives in the production process. New Zealand content has been positively received, as demonstrated by feedback from a Power Rangers fan reflecting on the New Zealand character, Chase: "It’ll give us, as an audience, a chance to experience more of the country we’ve watched in Power Rangers since 2003, but through the eyes of the characters on screen".
  • The industry and some regions are thinking about the role of and need for increased screen infrastructure in light of the increased activity in the sector over recent months.


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