Pacific Health Workforce Service Forecast

Pacific Health Workforce Service Forecast: Report …
01 Jan 2013
Pacific Health Workforce Service Forecast: Report …
01 Jan 2013

This report considered ways to increase the number of Pacific peoples in the health workforce and improve outcomes for Pacific patients. It is one of a number of forecasts commissioned by Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) to build a picture of the future health and disability workforce. Recommendations included:

  • Implement an improved model of care.
  • Leadership and coordination are required to bring about this new model of care.
  • Address issues around the training and development of the Pacific workforce.
  • Focus on the Auckland region, home to seven in 10 of the Pacific population.

Some recommendations are being addressed through the Ministry of Health's Pacific work programme. HWNZ and the Ministry have also established a working group with key stakeholders to address several of the remaining recommendations.


This Pacific workforce forecast was jointly commissioned by Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) and the Pacific Programme Implementation team within the Sector Capability and Implementation Business Unit of the Ministry of Health. The overarching objective has been to inform the development of policies and strategies that will strengthen and sustain a Pacific health workforce so that it can respond to the unique health and service needs of Pacific peoples and communities, contributing to their improved health outcomes. The project brief has been to:

  • Develop a vision for the Pacific Health Workforce
  • Describe the current profile of the Pacific health workforce, and how this workforce is trained, recruited, upskilled and retained
  • Review the current health needs
  • Review service provision now
  • Propose services that need to be different in the future

Consider changes required to achieve this different future, particularly in relation to health workforce development; and provide advice on Pacific workforce investment for Serau II. The project components is attached as appendix two.

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