Partners in Care programme review report

Partners in Care programme review report
01 Jul 2014

The Partners in Care programme was developed by the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission (HQSC) to support healthcare organisations in delivering its aim to "Increase the engagement of consumers in decision-making about the services they use, and to increase consumer literacy and capture consumer experiences."

Lynne Maher from Ko Awatea was commissioned by HQSC to deliver content based on the Experience Based Design (ebd) approach to twelve healthcare organisations participating in the Partners in Care programme.

The core principles of the Programme are described as follows:

  • To achieve a partnership between patients staff and carers
  • An emphasis on experience rather than attitude or opinion
  • Narrative and storytelling approach to identify ‘touch points’
  • An emphasis on the co-design of services
  • Systematic evaluation of improvements and benefits

The Partners in Care programme commenced in October 2013 and ended in June 2014. It included two introductory master classes, a series of eight web based learning seminars, individual coaching calls and email support from Dr Lynne Maher. Participants also had access to a wide range of learning material through the HQSC website.

This review has been carried out to understand more about participants’ experience of the Partners in Care ebd programme and to specifically capture any learning that may impact on future programmes.

Review data have been captured through three different methods: review of the workbooks that had been completed by participants; six telephone interviews with participants and an online survey sent out to all participants.

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