Public Perception Research 2013

Public Perception Research 2013 (pdf)
01 Jun 2013

Each year, a Public Perceptions Report is completed which reports on New Zealander’s perceptions of local content, such as awareness and understanding of the role of NZ On Air, Statement of Intent indicators, and measures sources of music. It is a quantitative survey that uses Computer Assisted Telephone interviewing to randomly identify households and complete a 15 minute interview, resulting in a total of 500 respondents. Wherever possible, comparisons are made between results of this survey and previous NZ On Air quantitative surveys of the general public.


  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
  • 15 minute interview
  • Interviewing undertaken in June 2013
  • Households to call are randomly identified
  • Either the person who answers the phone (if eligible) or person with the next birthday is interviewed
  • Sample of n=500 (people aged 18 years plus living in households with landlines)
  • Sample stratified for regional representation, age, gender and ethnicity to match population distribution (based on the Census 2006) to make the sample better match the population.
  • The 2012 and 2013 sample profiles are significantly different from previous samples in that there are more:
    • Young people
    • Males
    • Maori, Pacific and Asian.
  • The sample changes should be taken into account when considering apparent changes over time
  • Red text indicates a significant change over time or significant difference between two results.
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