Rangatahi Court: Evaluation of the early outcomes of Te Kooti Rangatahi

Evaluation of Nga Kooti Rangatahi final report
17 Dec 2012

The evaluation involved visits to five Ngā Kooti Rangatahi and was based on observations of court sittings and interviews with key informants, rangatahi and their whānau, judges, youth justice professionals and marae representatives. The key evaluation questions to be addressed are:

  • how are Ngā Kooti Rangatahi being implemented in practice and perceived by rangatahi/whānau and local level stakeholders?
  • what are the early observable outcomes - intended and unintended
  • what challenges exist and how can they be addressed?
  • what improvements could be made to maximise the potential of Ngā Kooti Rangatahi?


The purpose of this qualitative evaluation is to assess the implementation of Rangatahi Courts (Ngā Kooti Rangatahi) and identify the early outcomes for those rangatahi who have had their Family Group Conference Plan monitored through Ngā Kooti Rangatahi. The evaluation objectives are to:

  • develop an outcomes framework to guide the evaluation of the early outcomes of Ngā Kooti Rangatahi
  • document how Ngā Kooti Rangatahi are working and what lessons can be learned from their implementation and operation
  • identify any challenges and areas to improve in the future implementation of Ngā Kooti Rangatahi.
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