Report of the Business NZ Skills and Training Survey 2003

Business New Zealand, Skills and Training Survey (…
01 Jun 2003

This report provides the results of a survey conducted by Business NZ in conjunction with the Department of Labour and the Industry Training Federation, and funded by the Future of Work research programme.

The research project was aimed at improving knowledge about the level and nature of enterprise-based training, as well as the drivers for, and the barriers to, training in the workplace. The survey built upon research conducted by the NZ Employers’ Federation in 1989, 1994 and 1997. Like those surveys, it was conducted amongst firms and enterprises that belonged to the regional associations constituting Business NZ.

Given the nature of this sample, the results of this research are not conclusive as to the training practices and behaviour of the wider New Zealand business community. Nevertheless, this research provides valuable information about the drivers and effects of training in the workplace, particularly amongst those enterprises that are engaging in training and skill development.

This report presents a comprehensive overview of the results of that survey, but given the extensive nature of the data collected, there are many areas where further investigation could be undertaken, particularly of sub-groups within the sample, and further analysis of correlations between the data. The researchers are keen to receive suggestions and feedback from interested parties as to the areas where such further investigation would be productive and useful. It would also be useful to conduct more broad ranging, if less comprehensive, research to gain a better understanding of firms not engaging in training.

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