Review of contract providers' annual reports on STOP Strategy funded activities

The STOP (Stop tagging our place) Strategy is a recently developed strategy with the overall aim of preventing graffiti in New Zealand. The STOP strategy provides a framework for reducing graffiti vandalism in New Zealand. The STOP strategy has three components; prevention, management and enforcement. The Ministry of Justice (the Ministry) provides funding grants to prevent graffiti (there are two types of funding; small grants and contestable funding).

The publication Review of contract providers' annual reports on STOP Strategy funded activities is no longer available online. If you would like to request a copy please email The Ministry of Justice.


The purpose of this project is to report how contract providers (government and non government organisations who receive funding from the Ministry of Justice) use the funding they have been allocated to reduce/prevent graffiti (under the three streams of the STOP strategy - prevention, management and enforcement), to report their successes and challenges (and where possible identify solutions), note perceptions of the STOP strategy and resources, and also identify any process improvements (e.g. learnings) for providers undertaking projects.


The Ministry commissioned an independent researcher to undertake this project. The Ministry provided copies of 54 contract provider annual reports to the researcher. These were read and analysed into three themes - prevention, management and enforcement. Successes and challenges were also noted. All contract providers were informed the project was happening and also that they might be contacted for an interview.

The researcher undertook n=18 interviews (relating to 22 projects) with contract providers. Participation in these interviews was voluntary and interviewees were given the opportunity to ask questions. The interview duration was between 30 and 60 minutes (averaging at around 40 minutes).

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