Social Housing Test Case

Social Housing Technical Report (pdf)
01 Jun 2017
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21 Oct 2016
Cost comparisons for households in social housing …
01 Jan 2016

This test case is the first in a series of building blocks that will help inform future government social investment priorities and decision-making, to help create better outcomes for New Zealanders in need.

Using data in the Statistics New Zealand Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), the test case estimated the fiscal impact of providing social housing support.


This study aimed to understand whether it was possible to calculate a fiscal return on investment (ROI) for a given intervention within the social sector. This test case looked into social housing – provided by Housing New Zealand – as a case study to test this.

The objectives were to:

  • Understand whether it was possible to calculate a fiscal ROI for a given investment within the social sector
  • If so, develop a reusable methodology that allows the analysis and dataset to be re-used
  • Understand the methodology’s limitations.
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