Sport NZ Governance Benchmark Review 2014

Governance Benchmarking Review 2014 (pdf)
01 Jan 2015

In 2003 twenty six organisations were reviewed in a benchmark study that laid the ground for our governance programmes.  Eleven years later the remaining twenty four organisations were revisited in a detailed study examining progress in governance development.

The findings contain a lot of good news that reflects the hard work of hundreds of people in sport governance roles. But there are still some challenges ahead as well. It is essential reading for directors in the sector.


This report summarises research undertaken in 2014 on behalf of Sport New Zealand by BoardWorks International. The research involving 24 separate national and regional sports and recreation organisations repeated similar research undertaken with the same organisations in 2003/04. Its aim was to obtain an up-to-date view of governance systems and practices in the sector and to identify and evaluate changes made since 2004.

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