The Caddick Report

Review of NZ On Air's Domestic Music Promotion & F…
01 Dec 2010

NZ On Air provides funding so that New Zealanders can continue to hear and see significant amounts of New Zealand music on radio and music television networks on a daily basis. This report assesses the changing music and broadcasting environment and advises on changes that could be made to its policies and funding schemes. This was achieved by interviewing 100 music and broadcast professionals, and assessing 655 responses from an online public survey.


The general purpose of this Review is to evaluate the effectiveness of NZ On Air’s New Zealand music funding policies and promotional strategies. The Review will gauge the impact of this work and to consider what modifications if any could be made to policy and practice to increase effectiveness and respond to changes in the radio and music environment.


Chris Caddick was commissioned by NZ On Air in April 2010 to undertake a thorough appraisal of its domestic music programme, which comprises a number of interventions aimed at securing broadcast outcomes for New Zealand music within New Zealand. This follows an appraisal undertaken by me in 2009 of NZ On Air’s Phase Five activities in international markets. The Terms of Reference for this report are attached as Appendix 1.

This included a qualitative research project involving 100 interviews of a wide range of music industry personnel. Accompanying this, the views of the interested public were also sought - 655 people responded to an online questionnaire.

The collective views of both groups, referred to in this report as Interview Panel and Public Respondents, are reflected throughout the report, but the quotes are all from the Interview Panel.

I was also supplied with data by APRA, PPNZ, RIANZ, IMNZ, Media Sauce, MediaWorks and of course NZ On Air, and I thank them for their kind assistance. Tim Thorpe Consulting Ltd provided invaluable assistance in analysing responses to the Public Survey and in peer reviewing my work.

Wherever possible I have also tried to include information from 2008 and 2009 as this helps to give a clearer indication of where things stand today.

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