Using information to improve social housing services

Using information to Improve Social Services | Ful…
01 Dec 2017
Using information to Improve Social Services | Sum…
01 Dec 2017

Having a safe and secure home in good condition is essential for people's well-being and quality of life. Providing houses for people who are struggling to secure appropriate accommodation is an important public service.

In New Zealand, social housing includes state houses owned by Housing New Zealand Corporation (Housing New Zealand), houses leased by Housing New Zealand, and housing provided by local authorities and non-governmental organisations. Most social housing is provided by Housing New Zealand.

People who need social housing can be some of the most vulnerable in our society. A significant proportion require social services, including for medical, mental health, and addiction conditions. It is important for Housing New Zealand to have a good understanding of tenants' needs and its role in supporting them.

This report looks at how well Housing New Zealand uses information to:

  • manage tenancies;
  • maintain houses; and
  • manage and invest in new and existing social housing.
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