Voices: talking about sexuality, gender and human rights in Aotearoa New Zealand

Voices talking about sexuality, gender and human r…
01 Jan 2008

Few New Zealand human rights advocates are publishing articles about sexuality, gender and human rights. The issues of sexuality, gender and human rights remain socially and politically contentious. Nuanced discussions of gender have been overtaken by simplified debates about relations between the sexes. Global thought and action on sexuality, gender and human rights is constantly changing. Changing local contexts and debates are both reflected in and influenced by international developments. But where are the spaces in which these influences and changing contexts are analysed and critiqued?

The dialogue create a space for a small group of people with an interest in sexuality, gender and human rights to come together to discuss the current context, from global to local, from theory to practices, and from personal to societal.

Talking together we found that:

  • gender, sexuality and human rights issues surround us every day
  • our ideas about sexuality and gender are informed by our unique cultures
  • issues of power and gender are being overlooked and watered down
  • a ‘rights based approach’ or reference to a human rights framework provides opportunities for progress
  • relationships between civil society and government have changed over time
  • we have a mix of ideas and languages that are diverse – sometimes converging, at other times diverging

Four themes emerged from this dialogue:

  1. Human Rights
  2. Gender and Power
  3. Culture and identities
  4. Advocacy Relationships

We hope that sharing the ideas and thoughts about these issues contributes to wider thought and action.

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