Young Women’s Views and Experiences of Sport

Young Women’s Views and Experiences of Sport (pdf)
01 Jan 2014

This factsheet provides a summary of the findings of a study Sport NZ funded looking at young women’s engagement with sport, with a focus on 15 to 17 year olds. The study, by the University of Otago, aimed to further understand young women’s views and experiences of sport, and the factors that influence these.


Key Results

This study provides rich insights into the factors that shape young women’s engagement with sport. It highlights opportunities to encourage their participation in sport, particularly in schools.

In summary:

•The opportunity to be social and have fun with friends is the most important reason for sports participation.

•The way a school values, organises and resources sport, and encourages and supports students, are important influences on young women’s experiences of sport.

•Better understanding of what young women value and want from their engagement with school sport could create opportunities that encourage young women to stay engaged or re-engage with sport. Examples include: offering social sport, recognising that ‘sport’ includes active recreation (including dance), and offering single-sex Physical Education (PE) classes.

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