2016 Youth Insights Survey Information and Methods Report

2016 Youth Insights Survey Information and Methods…
01 Jun 2018

The Youth Insights Survey (YIS) is a nationwide paper-based survey of Year 10 students (14 to 15 year-olds) conducted in schools every two years. The YIS collects data on smoking-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviour, as well as students’ interests, lifestyles, activities and media use, and responses to tobacco control initiatives. It monitors the broad spectrum of risk and protective factors that relate to smoking uptake among young people. The survey covered 2,974 students from 139 schools and involved students completing a self-administered paper questionnaire booklet.


The Youth Insights Survey (YIS) was developed to improve the understanding of young people's attitudes, knowledge, beliefs and behaviours related to smoking, their exposure second-hand smoke as well as role models who smoke. The survey also aims to build understanding of the social environment of young people in New Zealand, particularly youth culture, sport and extra-curricular activities, media use and connectedness to family, peers, and school. In recent years, the YIS has also collected information on other health-related behaviours such as alcohol consumption.

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