Beyond Zero Tolerance

Beyond Zero Tolerance (pdf)
01 Aug 2005

If New Zealand wants to move beyond zero tolerance for family violence, we must actively foster and promote healthy relationships across all levels and sectors of society. This Families Commission report provides an overview of:

  • Definitions of family violence
  • The level and nature of family violence
  • The effects of family violence on individuals and the community
  • Information on interventions.

The report suggests a conceptual model for future violence prevention activity, including how all sectors have influence and responsibilities across all levels, and interact with other sectors. It concludes with recommendations for research, policy and practice.

This report was prepared for the Families Commission by Janet Fanslow, University of Auckland


This report has been commissioned to set the scene for future work in the family violence prevention area by providing an overview of New Zealand’s responses to family violence and trends in both government and community initiatives.

This report is not intended to provide a comprehensive review of all activities and interventions related to family violence. Its purpose is to provide an overview of some of the key issues in the field, and present a framework for assisting future conceptualisations and activity.

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