Experiences of Recent Business Migrants in New Zealand

Experiences of Recent Business Migrants in New Zea…
17 Sep 1998

As part of its research investigating the settlement experiences and outcomes of recent migrants to New Zealand, the New Zealand Immigration Service explored the experiences of business migrants who have settled in New Zealand. This report details the findings of a qualitative study with business migrants.


The key objectives of this research have been to:

  • examine the expectations and intentions of business migrants regarding business and investment in New Zealand;
  • investigate their experiences since arrival in New Zealand;
  • investigate the contribution of business migrants to New Zealand; and
  • outline ways in which more active investment in New Zealand might be encouraged.


The information contained in this report was obtained from 30 semi-structured in-depth interviews with 24 migrants approved on the basis of the prior Business Investment and six migrants approved on the basis of the current Business Investor category. All migrants were living in New Zealand. The distribution of the sample by business category, location and country of origin is provided in the main report. Twenty-five interviews were conducted face to face, and five interviews were conducted over the telephone. In many cases, a multilingual interviewer was assisted with translation.

Note that because the study is qualitative, we cannot make judgements about the number of migrants holding particular views or having had particular experiences. The results reflect the range of ideas and experiences.

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