Migration Trends and Outlook 2008/09

Migration Trends and Outlook 2008/09 (pdf)
01 Jan 2009

This report is the ninth in a series produced annually to provide information about trends in temporary and permanent migration.

The report is prepared for:

  • policy-makers concerned with migration flows and their impact
  • the wider public with an interest in immigration policy and outcomes. 

The information in these reports constitutes a time series so that recent immigration patterns can be compared with patterns identified in previous years. 

This report contains an update of trends for the financial year 2008/09. 

The report is structured as follows:

• Chapter 1 introduces New Zealand’s immigration policies.

• Chapter 2 reports on the impact of the global economic slowdown on migration.

• Chapter 3 describes migration flows into and out of New Zealand.

• Chapter 4 describes the characteristics of people granted student and work permits.

• Chapter 5 summarises the trends in permanent residence approvals.

• Chapters 6–8 detail residence approvals through the four residence streams:

– Skilled/Business Stream

– Uncapped Family Sponsored Stream and Parent Sibling Adult Child Stream (combined in Chapter 7)

– International/Humanitarian Stream.

• Chapter 9 concludes the report.

• The Appendices contain:

– information on recent immigration policies and legislative changes (Appendix A)

– information on the methodology underlying this report (Appendix B, which includes a glossary)

– a description of temporary and permanent residence categories (Appendix C)

– supplementary tables and analyses (Appendices D–T). • The References list all the publications referred to in this report. 

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