Regional Trends in Teenage Parenthood

Regional trends in teenage parenthood (pdf)
01 Feb 2012

The Families Commission is undertaking research to explore the following questions:

  • What are the reasons behind high rates of parenthood amongst young teenagers in specific regions of New Zealand?
  • What support would be needed for the teenage parents to prevent subsequent repeat pregnancies?

In March 2010, the Families Commission commissioned this report to focus on the first question through a statistical analysis of regional trends in teenage parenthood and childbirth statistics in New Zealand. It also takes into consideration the impact of demographic and socio-economic variables on teenage parenthood at the regional level.

It analyses regional variation in teenage birth and parenthood rates in New Zealand. The report begins with an overview of trends in fertility and family formation in New Zealand over the past 50 years. It then presents an analysis of national and regional trends in teenage births including the impact of demographics (including age and ethnicity) and socio-economic circumstances on teenage parenthood rates. It then provides a detailed analysis of nine selected regions with the highest rates and numbers of teenage births.


The key research questions the Families Commission is seeking to address are:

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