Evaluation of the Intensive Case Management and Navigator Initiatives

The Intensive Case Manager and Navigators Initiat…


This report presents the findings of a qualitative process evaluation of the Intensive Case Manager (ICM) and Navigator Initiatives (the Initiatives).


The qualitative process evaluation assessed the Initiatives' design, implementation, and short-term outcomes. The evaluation answered three key evaluation questions:

1. How well are the ICM and Navigator Initiatives being implemented against their intended design, recognising the need for regional adaption?
2. How well are the Initiatives contributing to achieving the short-term outcomes?
3. How might the Initiatives be refined to improve outcomes for clients, particularly Māori and Pacific people, and other groups?

In July 2021, we interviewed 26 whānau and 30 MSD and NGO stakeholders in Rotorua, Hamilton and Auckland to answer the questions. MSD’s Research Ethics Panel reviewed the evaluation plan.

Key Results

The Initiatives contribute to implementing the Homelessness Action Plan by providing holistic support to whānau in emergency housing. Through training, programmes and personalised support and advocacy, the Initiatives are building the capability of whānau in emergency housing to search for houses and sustain their tenancies. The Initiatives also contribute to system enabler focus areas through strengthening inter-agency collaboration and networks.

The Initiatives are not designed to address the underlying barriers and lack of housing supply resulting in whānau being in emergency housing. This lack of focus on the underlying issues creates disappointment for whānau, who assume the Initiatives will help them get a home. Not being housed decreases the value of the Initiatives for whānau. The question remains whether the Initiatives are best placed to meet whānau need in the current housing context, and how the Initiatives contribute to meeting MSD’s strategic goals and the goals of the Homelessness Action Plan.

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