State Sector Productivity - Related working paper and research notes

Estimating Quality-Adjusted Productivity In Terti…
01 Nov 2017
Promoting the utilisation of productivity measures
01 Jul 2018
Understanding health sector productivity
01 Dec 2017

The related working paper and research notes informed the New Zealand Productivity Commission's inquiry into improving and measuring state sector productivity. They cover:

  • constructing quality adjusted productivity indices for the tertiary education sector. Proposing a number of methods for making quality adjustments to measures of labour and multifactor productivity and applies those to the public tertiary sector in New Zealand over 2000-15. Quality-adjusted productivity measures for teaching across the tertiary sector as a whole are produced as well as measures of research productivity for universities.
  • steps agencies can take to increase the use of productivity indicators in decision-making. The steps include involving staff in the development of productivity indicators; fostering a culture that values performance improvement and problem solving; and establishing a supportive institutional environment.
  • Using data on hospital inpatients to show that discharges are ageing and day patients are accounting for a growing share of hospital activity.

Main report:

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