Step Up Trial Formative and Process Evaluation

Step Up Trial Formative and Process Evaluation
01 Nov 2019


The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) commissioned the Step Up Trial formative and process evaluation to assess the implementation and how well it was working overall in the trial phase. The evaluation was intended to inform decisions about future implementation of the Health Navigator model.


The foundation of the evaluation was the Step Up logic model (Appendix 1) developed by MSD. Information for the evaluation was sourced from a document review, monitoring data provided by MSD and interviews with 35 clients, eight GPs and seven practice staff, six Health Navigators, the Health Navigator Team Leader and Step Up Service Manager, three Contract/Strategic Managers from CDHB, two MSD Service Centre Managers, the Regional Director, four Case Managers, two Work Brokers, and two Employment Co-ordinators, and a stakeholder Live Life.

Key Results

Overall, the Step Up Trial was working well at the operational level. Health Navigators were investing time in building relationships with all general practices in the area and were connected to a plethora of services which assisted with their
referral process.


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