BES Case Study 11: Create educationally powerful connections with learners' cultures

BES Case Study 11: Create educationally powerful c…
01 Nov 2008

The best evidence syntheses (BESs) bring together research evidence about ‘what works’ for diverse (all) learners in education. Recent BESs each include a number of cases that describe actual examples of professional practice and then analyse the findings. These cases support educators to grasp the big ideas behind effective practice at the same time as they provide vivid insight into their application.

This case illustrates how teachers can use practical strategies to encourage their students to draw on family and community knowledge and, in this way, accelerate their achievement.

The case explains how an intervention doubled the achievement levels of senior secondary Pasifika learners from low socio-economic status families. Before the intervention, the focus students had a history of limited achievement. By the end of the year, they were gaining senior secondary qualifications.

While the context is year 12, the case has relevance for any teacher or school looking to create educationally powerful connections with learners’ cultures, families, and communities.

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